My Wedding Obsession


My Wedding Obsession I'm obsessed with weddings and hope to one day be a wedding planner...until then I'll just enjoy looking at pretty pictures!! I made this blog to avoid my other one being taken over with all the pics I wanted to post. Nautical and seaside are my favorite, but I love anything with sparkles, glitz, glam, or even the opposite end of the spectrum...vintage, rustic, etc.

None of these photos are mine unless I state otherwise
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secretagentpanda asked: Do you have any dark green and Ivory color themed weddings?
Or maybe green and orange themed?

Unfortunately I’ve been terrible about tagging previous posts, so I don’t know if I’ve posted any…but I’ve been looking out for some, and that I am queuing up to post! :)

#dress   #gown   #bride   #wedding dress  
#dress   #gown   #bride   #wedding dress